COVID-19 Procedures in School



September 2021

COVID guidance for schools has changed in line with the relaxation of many national restrictions and therefore there will be some changes to our routines and organisation from September 2021.   However, we will be continuing a number of safety measures as required by Public Health England and the DfE in order to ensure we are protecting staff, children and parents as much as possible. It is important that we do what we can to minimise further disruption due to staff and pupil absences as a result of illness.

Arrival and Collection  

Gates will open at 8:30am and all children should be in school by 8:40am.

KS2 children need to come up the path unaccompanied.  There will be additional staff available in the first few days to ensure that our new Year 3s and any new children all arrive at their classrooms safely.

Children in Reception (Mrs Rowbotham) and all KS1 except Miss Thompson’s class will use the path around their building and we continue to ask that only one adult accompanies each child or group of siblings.

Children in Pre-school and Miss Thompson’s class, please use the path through the KS1 gate up to the left side hut and then leave via the KS2 playground.

Children in Reception (Mrs Smith and Miss Alderson) please enter via the learning garden at the top of the nursery pathway. 

The one-way system around school will continue; this has significantly helped congestion.

We are returning to a 3pm finish for all children in Reception to Year 6. Please wait on the relevant playground and maintain as much space as possible between yourself and other households.  Again, we ask that only one adult attends a playground for collection.  Please move off the playgrounds and school site as quickly as possible following collection observing the one-way route.

The school car park should not be used to cross the school site.

Face Coverings, Social Distancing and Contact with School

Staff will continue to wear face coverings on the gates; this is to reduce risk of transmission.  Please can I encourage parents to continue to do the same to protect each other and our school community.

Staff will continue to practice social distancing as much as possible when dismissing children at the end of the day.  If you do need to speak to a member of staff, please be mindful of this.

Please continue to email or ring the school office with queries, rather than call in and a member of staff will assist you.

Autumn term consultations will be virtual in the same way as in the summer term.  We will arrange open afternoons for classes/year groups where parents will have an opportunity to see their children’s work.

Mixing in School

Break times will remain staggered; this has worked well this year and has meant that children have had more space to play on the playgrounds.  However, there will be no restrictions on where they play or with whom they play.

As now, all Reception and KS1 children will eat in the hall in their groups and from now will mix freely on the playground.  Initially, KS2 hot dinners will be eaten in the hall and packed lunches in classrooms.  Like KS1, children can mix freely when outside.  Routines will be reviewed during September with the aim of returning to full free flow service for everyone as soon as this is deemed appropriate.

We will be reintroducing worship in the hall starting with groups of classes/year groups and building up to full key stage and then full school.  Classes will also mix for some other elements of the curriculum such as singing, drama, PE and chess.

Pupil Well-Being

We will continue to prioritise children’s social and emotional well-being alongside their academic learning and will work with you regarding any specific issues that arise.

Hygiene and Handwashing

There is a regular routine of handwashing for both children and staff.  Hand gel is also used.  Children clean their hands at each transition point e.g. change of activity, break times and before and after lunch.

In addition to the cleaning undertaken at the end of the day, staff are cleaning down surfaces and commonly used areas throughout the day.

Infection Management

If a child shows symptoms of Coronavirus, a member of staff will escort him/her to the medical room whilst parents are contacted. The member of staff will wear PPE and keep a reasonable distance but will ensure that the child is reassured whilst waiting. Following collection, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and the staff member will return to normal duties.

Actions for Parents

Do not send your child to school if:

  • they are showing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms:
    • a new continuous cough
    • a high temperature
    • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Please make sure to:

  • arrange a test if you or your child develop symptoms.
  • keep school informed